Sunday, August 3, 2014

Like a flowing river

I am now reading 'Like a Flowing River' of Paulo Coelho. A great bralizian novelist and a lyricist, as seen on wikipedia.  The book is not a novel but a collection of Paulo's thoughts and short adaptations. I like his tips on travelling and climbing the mountain.  I like his reflections on spirituality.
I thought to be writer sometimes, but I cannot even complicate my blogs.  I do have a lot in mind but cannot out pour the ideas in perfect English. I'll stick to my expertise and work more to improve it. I guess my ideas I'll just keep while I enjoy reading a book that amazes and enlightens me.
Some recommended books to read:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

embrace 2012

Embrace 2012! the previous year was a breakthrough - an employment transition, paid dp, new care group, a unsuccessful tooth procedure and falling in love :) Things just turn out to be "A"ok. I love having mom around - someone to wake me up every Monday so that I can leave before the rush hour and a cup of hot chocolate together with my heavy breakfast. Thank you Lord!
Embracing 2012, my first time in south, visiting Naga city, Legazpi city and Camarines Norte.  The wonder of the cone shaped volcano Mt. Mayon and the remnants of the ruins nearby was astonishing. The powdery white sand and crystal blue waters in the Calaguas beach was breathtaking.  
Embracing 2012, with passion and hard work I render in the projects assigned to me.  I am thankful to God for the people He surrounded me.  These are people who encouraged me, guided me and some people that have brought hardships in my life yet they have significantly transformed me.  
Embracing 2012 for a once in a while family reunion.  The once upon a time children who are playing around are now grown-up fathers and mothers with new youngsters. 
Embracing whatever is store for me, whether its a rainy or dark clouds is affront, I knew the glorious sun is just behind.  Whether it almost comes to set off in the sky, there will always be sunshine the next day.
 Photo: Taken in Calaguas island. The Calaguas is a group of islands in the Philippine province of Camarines Norte.

Guilty or not guilty

I don’t hate you
I just simply annoyed the things you do:
-          Your nose on your laptop all the time
-           Not cleaning the remnants of your toothpaste when you toothbrush
-          Not ironing your clothes on volume so we can save electricity
-          Not washing the dishes for people you care about
-          Not consistent on going to the gym and exercise
-          Not committed on your diet
-          Not jotting down your things to do in the organizer that I gave you
-          Not reading the Daily bread that I gave you
-          Not going to the church service and your lousy alibis
      Not being true and pretending
-          Not telling good things about .. rather tell something nonsense
-          Not smiling or being jolly or being simply excited
-          Not being thankful all the time
I        Thinking that I am envious
-          Thinking that I am rejecting you but really I am just rejecting your opinion and what you love
I could have tolerated this annoyance, but I am disappointed that after all this time you were still there and I am now here.  I reckoned we have different principles that every time we talk or discuss, we are not on the same wave.  Your interest is not my interest anymore. Your god is not my God.  I am not fond of what you have become. 

I hope you understand that friendship is not just because you live together in one roof and that’s it.  I have had many friends, long lost friends, and very few close friends. I had friends that I befriend and had friends that I tried to befriend again but it didn’t work.  I have valued them because they value me in return.  Now if you have learned to value people, then you would have been aware of this from the start… and you wouldn't rant at this time because obviously it is broken already.  There's no issue anymore between us and yes, guilty as I plead, I want you out of here...

Photo: Fight scene taken in Ligñon Hill Nature Park


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Still waters

Still I know I am happy and complete even though I cried a while ago realizing that I have fallen in love but will never be able to show that love to him. It is sad that he just passed by like Norman did. He had struck my heart and ran over my mind. Maybe he is "the ONE who got away" after all. Or maybe someone who I almost have --ALMOST-- but not really...

Everything will be understood as "you are probably not meant for each other" or better said " you're really not meant to be".
At thirty-five, love is still high school -simply falling in love. Those are the happy heavenly, dreamy moments. Life is so hopeful, each day with every smiles and glance at him.

If the last days of 2011 will be the last days of the world, I would still want to spend an out of the country trip bonding with my family. I still wanted that one hundred thousand and donate to the lolos and lolas in Boystown. And last, but not the least, fall in love again and this time with someone who is also head over heels in love with me. But this I cannot firmly say if I should want him still or someone new. God know my desire and life is the best if HE leads...

Photo: Taken in the waters of Odiongan, Tablas island of Romblon

Friday, September 30, 2011

Too short Sunday*

too short Sunday for me. talk about the climb with mom and dad over lunch. short nap. mass and dinner with family. quick grocery. fb. 2hrs music rehearsal review. the delight of it all is a short time sitting on the garage sofa and reading an article in panorama - how not to overcomplicate Happiness-

when life is spent and all added up, these are the memories that still warms my heart:
-my childhood friends and moments together
-family movie time
-girls talk over the phone with a close friend
- my nanay inggay's arros valenciana
-riding in car with aris or aj
-new arrangement at home
-well cooked dinner
-family reunions
-a piano piece played well
-a fair weather
-solitary time in the morning
etc,etc. Looking forward on more simple marvels of my life...

*Sunday was Sept 11, 2011

sunshine even on a cloudy day

It was great to finished on something you thought you'll never make it. I joined a trek just a month ago with my colleagues in the highest mountain of Cavite province overseeing the Batangas waters and land as well. Unfortunately that time, the sun didn't make it to outshine the fluffy clouds.But really, when I'm finally on top of the mountain, it was an amazement to everything I saw and felt. The wind brushed my cold cheeks. Rare insects flew around. The nature smelled more than a fresh lemon grass. Everything I could not describe because simply I cannot find the right words.

I cannot also find the right words to describe how I have been for the past 4 months. God indeed answered one of my prayers. And the answered prayer begets another prayer. A desperate prayer. It is not being not contented for what was laid now but the incompleteness and unclear of desires I have raised to my God. So it is true to be specific on prayers.
Now my prayers are detailed but it is a prayer in advance to a claimed prayer. I think I have demanded and preempted the answers already...

Whatever it is right now, I am so deeply thankful. Embracing each moment and shaking off gloominess. Lifting frustrations to the Almighty. Trusting in His slow work while I soar high above the heavy clouds. Waiting is not going to be long...

Photo: Rock formation called 'Parrot's beak' seen at the peak of Pico de Loro taken Sept 3, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

No picture

I haven't fix my digi cam yet. I haven't took pictures for a long time, missing to capture great moments with family and friends. Their smiles and laughs, and some circumstances that you really wanted to tag to remember. Though, photographs are all over in FB, I would really wanted to have my own shots...
Anyway, the end of the first semester is coming. What have had been with my life?? I have finished paying my unit's down payment, and now trying to pay some of my bills. It was a great timing then that I have now money to pay for my root canal procedure. Unfortunately I had an impacted tooth that started aching since the holy week.
Good thing, it isn't really bothersome. I was still able to cope up with the busy work, handling a troublesome project, peculiar work mates but a nice boss.
I was able to get a tan from a long trip to Bolinao last month and the day after, I met a long time balik bayan friend. It was just recently that my friend got married.
Though I have missed music rehearsals, I am happy to take care of my new care group. It was a perfect time that they gave me this responsibility.
And being at home had totally changed :) it was great to have my mom around.
I am so grateful for all of these... even though there are no pictures, no vivid details, it was however etched in my heart that will truly be kept for a lifetime.